Pro Services

PRO Services in UAE play an important role when our clients want passport clearance, immigration, business licenses, trademarks, copyrights and certification. The PRO services of BIS & JURIS ensure that clients are given end to end support for their business setup in UAE. We facilitate quicker document clearances, labor contract creation, license renewal, immigration card for our clients. BIS & JURIS specialists have good links and relationships with the officials in Government departments. PRO services provided by us are well grounded and affordable for our clients.


We provide the PRO service for companies to obtain employee visas for their workers as well as obtaining labor cards from the Immigration Department and Visa renewals. We also help companies to conduct medical checks and obtain the residence visa stamps on their employee’s passports. 


 Our in-house department sorts out all your queries regarding Ministry of Labour and Department of Immigration and expects a quick and smooth completion of the procedure without visiting any other office or wasting time.


We extends our services at  document processing & documentation legalizing in Dubai that covers Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Government Authorities, Consulates & Embassies in UAE. Also provide services in Apostle Services for Educational, Non-Educational documents and Marriage certificate from competent authorities.